Wednesday, 4 July 2012

*UPDATE* Beauty Q&A:)


On the 7th June I posted about writing a post answering all of your beauty related questions.
A post will answer all of your questions once I have enough to answer! You can ask me any questions can be related on the following;
- Make-up
- Nail Polish/Nail Care
- Skincare
- Haircare
- What camera I use (FQA for bloggers/vloggers!)
Anything else you can think of too that I have missed!

Please leave a comment below with all of the questions you would like me to answer and as soon as I have a reasonable amount of questions I will write the post with both the questions and answers!
Check out other blogs and youtube videos for some inspiration for questions if you cannot think of any:)

Thank you and I really appreciate it for everyone who leaves a comment below:) Let your friends know about this post too and ask them to comment with their questions too:)

Thanks again!

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