Saturday, 28 July 2012

e.l.f. Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm [Review With Photos]

Hello guys!

Today I have a review for you! I haven't written a review in a while so I thought I've got to do one!
This review is for the e.l.f. Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm.
I have this lip balm in Blackberry Créme so I'm not sure if the others are any different

Wind up packaging to show the product.
When I recieved the product, it wound up and down perfectly fine.
After a while, it stops working when you wind it down.
Very easy to work round though!
You have to press it down with your finger or you can leave it up a little and put the lid on:)

Very very moisturising!
Not the best lip balm to use under a lipstick unless you apply it very lightly.
Doesn't absorb into the lips a massive amount.

I really love the scent of this lip balm
This smells like fragranced pens when you have when you're in primary school:)
Very vice smell and you can smell it when you have it on your lips but don't lick your lips as it doesn't taste very nice! 

 The amount of product you get is quite a lot for £1.50!
It applies clear to the lips and is genuinely a very nice product!

Packaging - 5/10 - Great for travelling, not so great as the mechanism breaks.
 Product - 8/10 - Great product but the texture doesn't get absorbed very well.
 Price - 9/10 - Great price for the amount of product you get but again the mechanism isn't great but for £1.50, what can you expect!
Would I recommend and repurchase this? - Yes! - I would definitely recommend this product! For dry lips, this is great and for the price you can stock up! I will repurchase this when I run out or before but maybe in a different flavour:)

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful!
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  1. Lip balm is one of the beauty products I cannot live without! My all time favourite is the peppermint one by Burt's Bees - it can be such a live saver! I'm your newest follower by the way, for some reason though my GFC picture isn't coming up so I'm at the bottom of your follower list..hmm technology eh?

    Love Ellen xx

    1. Haha:) thanks very much for following Ellen!

      I'm hoping to get some money soon so I can do a MASSIVE collective haul over a few weeks but put everything in one post:D xx

  2. I always use this under my super matte lipstick to make sure the lippie doesn't disappear into my fine lines :)

    1. I use it under my Kate Moss lipstick but use it lightly:)


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