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BaByliss Pro 230 Smooth & Shine Straighteners and BaByliss Dry & Shine 2000 Reviews

Hello guys!

I was wondering all day what I should write for today's post and I decided to do a slightly different post and write a review for two hair products.
As the title suggests, these products are both by BaByliss.

I recieved both of these for my birthday last year.
I asked for these as I was currently using my sister's straighteners after our Remington straighteners broke.

Both of these products come in plastic packaging (no image sorry) and then inside a cardboard box.

The perfect sizes for the products!
It also contains little plastic plug protectors so that they aren't damaged.

This is the BaByliss Dry & Shine 200 Hairdryer.

This is a really good hairdryer! This is the third hairdryer I have owned and I think they have all been by BaByliss. This is by far the best hairdryer out of the 3 I have owned and the hairdyers I have borrowed from my mum and my sister.
This works well with my Aussie Heat Protect and Leave-in Straightening Spray. It leaves my hair almost perfectly straight and very soft!

These are the BaByliss Pro 230 Smooth & Shine Straighteners. 

If I had to describe these in one word it would be AMAZING! These have 3 heat settings and even on the highest setting it takes 10 seconds for them to heat up which is great if you're in a rush!

These come with a case, 4 clips and a heat-protective mat.
Mat, Straighteners and 4 clips.
These straighteners also turn themselves off after a certain amount of minutes for safety reasons. This is also really good if you've let them switched on and you have gone out!

To make everything fit into the case, I like to wrap the mat around the straighteners.
All wrapped up and closed with the velcro:)
These straighteners are really good and better than the Remington ones we had before!

Look below for some before and after images.
After playing with curlers but BEFORE straightening:)
AFTER straightening:O
Yes that is the same piece of hair! This didn't take a minute including the straighteners heating up! These are amazing quality and I love them:)

I recieved the hairdryer free with the straighteners which I was really happy about which means the straighteners were £49.99 or possibly £59.99. I am not entirely sure but I think it was £49.99:) As the hairdryer was free it saved me having to buy one!

I'm really glad I recieved these for my birthday and 1 year later I still love them and use them on a regular basis:)

Packaging - 10/10 - Really protects the product and is the perfect size so the hairdryer doesn't move around too much.
Product - 9/10 - Dries really well and has different heat settings. Also leaves hair soft but I think the softness can depend on how close the hairdryer is:)
Price - 10/10 - The fact that this was free with the straighteners it really deserves a 10 out of 10!

Packaging - 10/10 - Same as the hairdryer it really is the perfect size:)
Product - 10/10 - I haven't tried and GHD straighteners which are known to be the best but after having these I really don't need to try them!
Price - 10/10 - To be honest I would have paid more for these because of the quality!

*Disclaimer* - I recieve these both for my birthday and I am not affiliated with BaByliss or Argos (where these were purchased.) These are all my own honest opinions and I have not been paid to do this review:)

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it!

It's Friday favourites tomorrow so leave a comment below with what you would like it to be about tomorrow:)


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