Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I Need Nail Art Pens!

Hello guys!

Just another really quick post, again asking for your help:)

But quickly, I really need some nail art pens and I was wondering whether there are any you could all recommend some for me?

I have heard of nail art pens by Rio Beauty, Models Own, Nubar and there's a few more I cannot remember. I would love the Models Own nail art pens but there are only 5 colours and they are £6 each which is a little pricey:/

Please could you leave a comment below with some good brands/web links that you could recommend for me:) I am from the UK so I need brands that are available over here.

Thank you and I really appreciate it for all of the help that is given to me:)



  1. I've heard the models own are good - You can get all 5 colours for £20 on models own website, in the gift set section :-)

  2. Hey hun i brought mine from eBay and they are amazing :) . they are two way so you can use them as nail art pens or use the brush. Here is the link to the ones i purchased


    1. Aww thankyou so much Melanie!!:)


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