Monday, 22 October 2012

September Favourites!

Hey everyone!

So today I am going to be writing my September Favourites post! I was hoping to post this any earlier but to be honest, A-Levels had to come first sadly.

I have 7 products to include in this post for my favourites last month so lets get started!

First up is the Nivea SOS Lip Relief.

I purchased this after seeing it featured on Dyna's blog.
I agree with a lot of Dyna's reviews so I thought I would give it a shot and I'm really happy I did!
This is sort of a liquid/gel lip balm which is amazing for chapped or dry lips!
If you have naturally dry or chapped lips all year round or if they get like that during the winter then you should definitely think about giving this a go!
After applying this, your lips get a really cool and refreshing feeling but don't eat it or lick your lips when you have this on as it really doesn't taste nice!
This retails at £3.36 at Boots stores.

Next up is the Garnier Dark Circle Under-eye Concealer.

I have been wanting to give this a go for a while and when Superdrug had an offer on and was selling  it for £4.99 instead of the usual price of £10.20.
I don't agree with the claim of it being able to reduce the appearance of dark circles over time but it covers really well and as the applicator is quite cold, it feels really refreshing on your under-eye area, especially in the morning!
I would definitely recommend this but maybe wait for there to be an offer somewhere before you buy this!:)

Next is the J-Lo 'Glow After Dark' perfume.

I received this last December as one of my Christmas presents. It is a 30ml and has lasted a very long time! Sadly I don't have an image of this as I managed to lose the product before being able to take a picture!
As I lost the perfume, I also can't describe the scent to you but if you see this anywhere, test it because it is a very nice scent:)
A 30ml of this retails at £10.95 from

This is the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover.

This is a product that has been going around the blogosphere for a very long time and I eventually decided to pick it up. The concept of this is to remove your nail polish without the fuss of cotton pads and liquid nail polish remover. This claims to remove your nail polish in one second which isn't true but it is a lot easier and quicker than cotton pads!
This retails at £4.99 at Boots and Suoerdrug stores.

The Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protection and for Straightening Leave-in Spray is another product I have been loving.

I originally started using this because it wasn't working for my mum so I thought I would give it a go and I'm really glad I did!
This protects your hair well from the heat from your hair dryer or any hair styler. I use this before blow-drying my hair and it helps it to stay a bit straighter than it usually is.
I definitely recommend this but it can be quite hard to find!
This retails at £4.99 and can be found in many stores.

Next are the 5 Nail Art Dotting Tools.

I purchased these from so I could do some more nail art and stop using all my mum's cocktail sticks!
I got 5 dotting tools each with 2 different sizes so you have 10 choices of the size of the dot you would like. These are great if you are into nail art or even if you are a professional in nail artistry.
I purchased these for roughly £3.50 but there are many out there.

Lastly is the e.l.f. Essentials Blending Eye Brush.

I have been using this to apply my e.l.f. Mineral Eye Brightener onto the inner-corner of my eye.
This picks up the product really well and I will definitely continue to use this brush!
Give this a try if you are looking for a new blending brush as this can be used for many different products:)
This retails at £1.50.

So that sums up my September Favourites post and hopefully I will be able to upload my October Favourites a little quicker:)

Thanks for reading and again I'm very sorry about how late this post is!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday Favourites - Brushes!

Hey everyone!

So it's Fridayyyy and I'm back with another Frieay Favourites for you today!
I am basing this week's favourites on brushes as I have done Friday Favourites for brushes but in separate categories so I thought I would do my overall favourite brushes:)
I apologise in advance for the bad quality for some of the images!

Anyway lets get started!

First up is the e.l.f. Essentials Blending Eye Brush.
I don't use this to blend eyeshadow which is what I originally brought it for but I actually use this to apply my e.l.f Mineral Eye Brightener into the corner of my eye.
I would really recommend this brush for both blending eyeshadow and applying pigment or mineral products.
This retails at £1.50 so is a real bargain!

Next up is the e.l.f. Studio Concealer Brush.

I don't tend to use this to apply all of my concealer. I use this with a bit of to sharpen up the wing of my eyeliner if I need to and to brighten up the outer corner of my eye.
I would definitely recommend this!
Read my full review here.
 This retails at £3.75.

Next is another e.l.f. Brush and it is the e.l.f. Studio Retractable Lip Brush.

This is a really great product and you can take it out with you for touch ups. This is great for getting a sharp and precise outline on your as well as applying and blending your lipstick/gloss really well!
This retails at £3.75.

Next is the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 Flat Top Kabuki.

I received this brush when they ran a competition for 20 people to win the brush and luckily I was one of the winners!
I have been using this brush ever since I received it and I can't think about using a different brush!
This applies and blends foundation and concealer amazingly well as well as making it look flawless.
I would definitely recommend it to everyone!
Read my full review here.
This retails at €12 (approx. £9.76)

Lastly is the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F16 Large Contour Brush.

I purchased this after seeing Sineady Cady use it multiple times in her videos and I really had to get my hands on it! BCC also had a discount at the time so I ordered and I'm really glad I did:)
This applies powder and blush really well as well as blending it effortlessly!
Definitely give this a go if you are looking for a new powder or contour brush!
This retails at €15.99 (approx. £13.01)

Thanks for reading and I hope I helped you decide on some new brushes!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday Favourites - Face Products!

Hey everyone!
So I'm back with another Friday Favourites post for you today and this week I have based it on face products. I have 6 products to include as I tried to choose only my holy-grail face products.
I apologise in advance for the photos as they aren't as good quality as some in my other posts and some of the images in this post will be better than others:)
First up is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know how much I love this foundation. This is now my holy-grail foundation and will definitely repurchase it more than once! I apply my foundation at roughly 7.30am in the morning and can take it off as late as 11pm and it lasts the entire day no matter what I'm doing. This covers and blends really well and I definitely recommend it.
Read my full review here.
 Next up is the e.l.f. Translucent Matifying Powder.
I really love this powder and can see myself repurchasing this a lot in the future. This sets your makeup really well whilst looking incredibly natural and also adding some extra coverage. You only need a little of this to set all of your makeup and for it to last all day!
Read my full review here.
 Next is the e.l.f. Studio Blush - Tickled Pink.
 This is a very natural shade for a blush and isn't naturally pigmented. You can build this up to get the colour you would like just to add a hint of pink to the cheeks!
I really recommend this and can't wait to try out some of the other shades:)
This is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer
 I managed to purchase this half price when I purchased the foundation from an offer in Boots. I love this conealer! It works so well both under the eyes and on blemishes. Like with the foundation, this lasts all day and I will definitely repurchase this!
Read my full review here.
Next up to show you is the 17 Pressed Powder.
I tried this powder before the e.l.f. powder I just mentioned. I really liked this powder but it didn't give me any extra coverage which is what I like in a setting powder. This lasts almost all day but doesn't keep me as shine free as I would hope. Try this if you don't have particularly oily skin and aren't looking for a dramatic amount of coverage from a powder.
Lastly is the e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set.
This really is a miracle product! If you don't like using setting powders or your powder doesn't last long enough, this will help to increase the amount of time which your makeup will last throughout the day. I really recommend this and I will definitely repurchase more than once:)
Sorry I didn't post Friday Favourites last week but I hope you liked this post:)
I only included small reviews for each product but be welcome to ask anymore questions relating to any of the products I have mentioned!
Thanks for reading and I will post my September Favourites post as soon as I can!
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