Sunday, 8 September 2013

Unwanted Blogging Break

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted anything for a while purely for the fact that I needed to take some time out after my AS results and just have some time to myself which after all of the events of this year, I've really struggled to find anytime to myself except maybe a day to meet up with friends or some days out shopping with my mum.

I have recently started a new college to study Level 2 Beauty Therapy rather than finishing my A Levels and continuing to year 13 at the school I have been at for the past 6 years. It was incredibly daunting and actually quite scary for me to leave friends, teachers and an environment that I know so well and feel comfortable to be around to go somewhere I didn't know at all and is completely different to the daily routine I know and am so familiar with.
I start my first shift at my first job this weekend and because all this has been happening I really haven't found the time or energy to sit down and write some new blog posts or take any pictures.

Unfortunately, this blogging break is going to last much longer and it is impossible for me to figure out how long! Four days ago I turned on my laptop to write my August Favourites post and watch my new favourite programme Undercover Boss on 4OD only to find my laptop has broken :( My Grandad is currently trying to fix my laptop but it looks like my user has been corrupted or deleted meaning I can't log on let alone write anything for you all to read.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon or I will have to try and find another way to write and publish some more blog posts for you! I'm sorry and please bear with me :) Good luck to anyone starting secondary school, sixthform, college or university this September and to the other bloggers out there, good luck and keep on going :)

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