Monday, 16 July 2012

Nail Polish Collection and Swatches:)

Hello guys!

Sorry I haven't posted anything for last few days!
This is going to be a post about my nail polish collection and I also have swatches included:)
All swatches are shown without a base or topcoat.
I'm sorry about the lighting!

I have 2 e.l.f. nail polishes that I ordered on Thursday last week. I will add swatches of them into this post when they arrive:)

First up.... Barry M!

Left to Right; (54 Clear) 3 in 1 Topcoat, Basecoat & Nail Hardener (1 coat)
66 Matt White (2 coats)
307 Lemon Ice Cream (2 coats)
318 Peach Melba (2 coats)
295 Turquoise (1 thick coat)
294 Cyan Blue (2 coats)
272 Shocking Pink (2 coats)
161 Vivid Purple (2 coats)
310 Mushroom (2 coats)
47 Black (3 thin coats)

Peach Melba (318) is more pink in person.

17 and Models Own!
Sorry for the bad lighting! These are more orangey peach than the picture shows:)
Left to Right; 17 Orange Soda (3 coats)
Models Own NP015 Fuzzy Peach (1 thick coat)
Again - these are brighter than the pictures shows sorry!

The orange is also more bright and peachy, the red is a lot brighter.

 Left to Right; Lasting Finish 500 Disco Ball (2 thick coats)
Lasting Finish 239 Your Majesty (2 coats)
Lasting Finish 053 Apricot Punch (2 coats)
Lasting Finish 030 Double Decker (1 thick coat)
60 Seconds 810 Blue My Mind (2 coats)
Orange and red are a lot brighter in person.

 Left to Right; Golden Goddess (3 thin coats)
Mint Cream (2-3 coats)
Metal Madness (3 coats)
 Dark Navy (1 coat)

Mint cream has a bit more of a blue tinge in person.
That's my nail polish collection with swatches!
I will update this if I get some more polishes over the next few days:)

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful!



  1. absolutely love the elf mint cream, been wanting that for a while! love the orange soda one as well actually, I was going to buy the models own fuzzy peach, but i actually prefer orange soda now!

    thanks, great post :)

    1. fuzzy peach, orange soda and apricot punch are all really similar:)
      the moddels own is better value as you get 14ml for £5 but has a worse smell haha:)
      check out my sunset dolphin nails tutorial where you can see the true colour of fuzzy peach:)

    2. yeah, i'm not too bothered about the smell so I'll probably go for the models own one haha!
      I will do, thanks!

    3. haha:) and you're welcome:)


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