Tuesday, 17 July 2012

LUSH Ultra Bland - Advice please!

Hello guys!

I planned a mini haul post for today but my shopping trip was cancelled:(
I have an e.l.f. haul that was dispatched early this afternoon so hopefully I will recieve it tomorrow for me to write the post:)

Anyway, I am really interested in purchasing the LUSH Ultra Bland Cleanser and replace my Garnier cleanser with it.
However, I have heard loads of reviews claiming how good it is about removing make-up but I would use it as a cleanser and not a make-up remover.

Has anyone experienced using this product using it as a cleanser or have you read any reviews?

I would really appreciate it if you leave a comment below or contact me using any of the following if you don't want to leave a comment:)

Ask me a question via Formspring; http://www.formspring.me/MakeupCounter

Thanks again!

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