Monday, 2 July 2012

Maybelline BB Cream Samples

Hello guys!

This is a really quick post as I recieved these samples in the post this morning but I have been unable to access the internet today until now. They arrived attached to a piece of printed card folded in half and sealed with tape. It could have been better packaging but all samples arrived undamaged:)
Back of the 'envelope' :)

When opened you can see some information about the BB cream and the 3 samples attached on the bottom half:)

Information and answers to FAQ:)

3 Samples:) All in the shade 'light'.

When the samples are removed from the page you can see that it says;
"Dream skin at the office" "...around town" "...and in the club".

Samples are only available in the shade light and you get three samples when you order them.

Each sample contains 1ml of their BB cream. Check out the Maybelline website and click on the tab that says 'Samples' to order yours free now:)

I will try these out and review them. I might do a comparison of the Maybelline BB Cream and the Garnier BB Cream.

Thanks for reading! I have a lot of posts lined up but comment below if there is anything you would like to recommend for a post:)



  1. I hope these are lighter than the awful garnier cream!
    Cant wait to see a full review

    1. Same! I still have one sachet left of the Garnier BB Cream because it was so bad!:)

  2. I received these today too. I'm looking forward to try it... I have great expectations!! :)

    1. I have great expectations about the garnier bb cream but im not too sure what to expect haha:)


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