Sunday, 5 August 2012

Updated Skincare Routine!

Hi everyone!
Today I thought I would write about my updated skincare routine.
You can see the old post here.

First is the moisturiser I use under my makeup...

This is the Boots Vitamin E Moisture Lotion SPF 15.
As I said, I use this as a base for my makeup. This really helps to give a surface which is great to apply my makeup on as it helps to blend and apply my foundation and concealer very well.
This takes a little while to sink in but I can work with it! This also protects the skin as it has SPF 15.
Read my full review here.
*This is £2.85 for 100ml of product*

Next are the products I use to remove my makeup...

1 - Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash -
I really like this product and aswell as taking my makeup off, it helps to cleanse my skin too. I also have a backup from an offer Boots currently have (2 for £5 on all Neutrogena's Visibly Clear products.) I recieved one of these bottles for 6p from the offer and I will definitely continue to repurchase it.
*This is 200ml and costs £4.94 from Boots. Prices vary from shop to shop.*

2 - Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make-up Remover -
I use this to get the majority of my eye makeup off before I use the Neutrogena wash.
This gets about 99% of my eye makeup off and then I will remove the rest with the wash.
I really like this product especially as it works very well for sensitive eyes!
I think I will continue to repurchase this:)
*This is 125ml and costs £3 from Sainsburys. Again prices vary from shop to shop.*

The products I am going to tell you about next are all the products that I use on a daily basis to look after my skin as I don't wear makeup everyday:)

1 - LUSH Ultrabland Facial Cleanser -
This cleanser is as if it has been sent from heaven! This cleanser is absolutely amazing and now I won't be without it!
You only need a little bit of product everytime you use this so it lasts for ages. I purchased mine on
the 20th July and I haven't even used a quarter of the pot!
I will definitely repurchase this when I run out and I will buy the bigger pot as this is definitely my holy grail cleanser!
You can also use this as a makeup remover as it contains beeswax but I prefer it as a cleanser.
*This is £6.75 for 45g or £10.75 for 100g*

2 - Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz 100% Organic -
I purchased this on the basis that my other toner contained alcohol and I could tell it wasn't doing anything good for my skin so I was looking for a toner which contained natural ingredients, either; tea tree, witch hazel or rosewater. I had heard a lot of good things about rosewater so I purchased this one.
This one definitely doesn't make my skin feel tight and dry and it can be used two ways to apply it all over your face. You can either spritz it over your face and gently wipe away with cotton wool or you can spray it onto cotton wool and wipe it over your face. I wipe this over my face and then gently wipe it away with the dry side of the cotton pad:)
I think I will repurchase this product!
*This usually retails for £4.99 but is currently £3.33 and contains 150ml. This is exclusive to Boots*

3 - Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser -
I have had this product for a while now and I have only just finished my first bottle.
This is a really great product and I don't think I could be without it! I have a backup and I will definitely continue to repurchase this moisturiser!
Read my full review here.
*This is £4.99 for 75ml and may vary from shop to shop*

 4 - Neutrogena Visibly Clear Rapid Clear Treatment -
I am on my second tube of this and I am actually quite surprised! This works a lot better than I thought it would but since using the Simple moisturiser and LUSH cleanser, I haven't found myself needing to use this as often.
Unless I find something that works better for me, I will continue to repurchase this!
*This is £3.99 for 15ml but can also vary from shop to shop*

Thankyou for reading and I hope this might help you to decide which skincare products to purchase.

What skincare products do you use?
Do you use any of these?


  1. All looks lush, need to reread all your recent posts once I'm back from holiday! Might buy a tube of the neutragena rapid treatment stuff, my skin is horrific at the moment haha :)
    Liv xo

    1. thankd Liv!!:) definitely give it a try and you should try the LUSH cleanser too:) im really happy with my routine at the moment:D

      i have loads of posts planned too so you may have a lot to read haha:) xx

  2. i use the simple eye makeup remover to! i have sensitive eyes so its perfect!! <3

    1. haha:) i really like it! i read it without reading any reviews first:/ i read some after and they said that it didnt take any of their eye makeup off but i definitely disagree!:)

  3. Do you know any good products that can help with acne scarring? Ooh, lush has lots of great products!
    Please check out my blog! It would make my day if you followed it. :)

    1. im not sure sorry Kassica!:( maybe try out this;

      ive heard good things:) and will check out your blog:D xx

  4. Great post! I really like the look of the Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz, do you think it would work well for dry skin? x

    1. thankyouu melissa:D and i think it will but i think for dry skin it would be best to spray it on and dab away instead of wiping it over the face:) xx

  5. Hello! Thanks for highlighting the rose water facial mist! I love facial mists and I'll definitely look out for it when I next head to Boots! Thank you so much for following me and I'm now following you back! You've got a lovely blog by the way! :) xx

    1. You're welcome Sukie!:) and thankyouu very much:D xx

  6. I've been looking for a good toner for ages! I'm definitely gonna check this out now! Especially as it's on offer!

    And I've followed you! :D Thank you for leaving me a comment!

    1. you really should! and thankyouuu but i cant seem to find you on my followers list?:S and youre welcome!:) xx


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