Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tag | 8 Most Worn Things

Hello everyone!

I recently saw this tag on a few blogs and I thought I would join in so here we go!
1. My Most Worn Lipstick/Lipgloss
Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in '03 My Cool Nude'
I purchased this lipstick at the end of June and I really love this shade!
Perfect for any time of day and feels really moisturising on the lips!
Review coming soon!
2. My Most Worn Earrings Jewellery
H.Samuel Pink Heart Studs, H.Samuel Pink Heart Necklace, Missguided Ring, Spanish Bracelet
I don't wear one pair of earrings more than any other so I thought I would change it to jewellery.
I have a pair of earrings that match the necklace that I wear everyday, a ring and a bracelet:)
I literally never take the necklace off as I love it so much! The ring is a new purchase but I have been wearing it everyday too. I purchased the bracelet last year in Spain and I love it so much:)
3. My Most Worn Top
River Island Navy Scallop Edge Top
I was wearing the top today haha:)
I had wanted this top for so long and finally found it when I went shopping in Westfields in Stratford!
This has a cotton/polyester feel to the bottom layer and the top layer feels chiffon like but is apparently viscose:)
I love the cream flowers around the neck-line too!

4. My Most Worn Nail Polish

e.l.f. Nail Polish in 'Mint Cream'
I've been really interested in nail art recently so I haven't really been using one colour on my nails but was looking at all of my nail polish and I realised how much of this colour I have used!
This is such a gorgeous pastel light blue/turquoise shade:)

5. My Most Worn Shoes
Peacocks Evie Cream Shoes
These are probably the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned! They were about £4 down from roughly £12-£16 (not sure.)
I love these and I wear them basically everytime I go out!
Such a bargain:)
6. My Most 'Worn' Hair Product
Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner/Heat Protection Straightening Spray
This was a little tricky as I use these items everytime I wash my hair so I thought I would include all three:)
These have saved my hair as I blow-dry and straighten my hair so it can get quite damaged.
These leave my hair so soft that I can't stop twiddling it haha:)

7. My Most Worn Perfume
J-Lo Glow After Dark Perfume and Cacharel Scarlett Perfume
I recieved these for christmas last year and I love them so much!
They both have lovely scents but I wear the J-Lo one a little more often:)
8. My Most 'Worn' Handbag/Purse

Next Handbag and Croc Purse
I purchased both of these a while ago and I really like them! The bag is big enough to hold all your essentials and some shopping but not too big to look crazy!
The purse was from Claire's Accessories and the bag was from Next.
The scarf came with the bag but I don't always keep it on the bag:)
Thanks for reading and as usual I tag ALL OF YOU to do this!
I hope you enjoyed it and be welcome to leave a comment below for recommended posts or if you want to see my nail polish collection as it took so long to choose one haha:)


  1. Lovely post :) I really like the look of the top and bracelet! And can't believe you got the shoes so cheap, they're really cute! xx


    1. thankyouu:) haha! they were on sale, i went to get them and the tag said they had gone down to £8 and then only had to pay £4:D xx

  2. Love the ring! Especially the color.

    Great post

    1. thankyouu:) really wish i ordered the purple ring i had my eye on too but i didnt:( xx

  3. Great post, i'm going to do this :).

    Sadie x


    1. thanks and hope your enjoy doing it!:) xx

  4. I really enjoy reading these tags, its so interesting to see what others wear most!
    I have that Kate Moss lippy! I am a little obsessed with them hehe they're so good!

    I have just followed :) I would love if you could check my blog out some time :)

    Zoe xxx
    Zoe Lianne

    1. same! and i love the scent of the lipstick too:D

      thanks for following and i will check out your blog:) xx

  5. I love the Next bag so much! I also love using the aussie miracle moist products in my hair they work wonders and have an amazing smell! xx

    1. haha:) i definitely agree with you on the aussie products!:) xx

  6. Awesome post! I will for sure do this tag on my blog too :D

    1. Got mine up too :D


    2. great! ill check it out:) xx

  7. Great post,I might give this one a go at some point. I love the Mint green nail polish, one of my fav greens :-)

    Sarah x

    1. thanks:) and you should! same, i have a backup already haha:) xx

  8. Hi Molly! I found your blog through BBU Blog Hop and would love you to follow back. Beauty-ninja.blogspot.com. :)

    1. thanks Beauty Ninja:) ill follow you back:) xx

  9. Hey hun, I found your blog through the bloghop and I think it's adorable! I'm your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and maybe follow back if you like it?

    http://es-jaymakeup.blogspot.com - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


    1. thanks es-jay! You're not on my followers list but i would love to follow each other's blogs?:) xx

    2. Hey Hun! I'm not sure why it didn't work but I've tried again...I hope it works now! fingers crossed! lol

      http://es-jaymakeup.blogspot.com - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


    3. Yes it has worked:) thankyouu es-jay :) xx


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