Saturday, 4 August 2012

Spending Ban and Haul Update!!

Hello everyone:)

I have a very quick post for you today and I just have a small update for you.

I posted recently about writing a 'Collective Haul' post instead of writing individual haul posts and I currently have 14 products to include in the haul. I am hopefully going shopping in a few weeks with my mum and I going to get something for helping around the house aswell as a normal shopping trip:)
I am going to keep the haul post until I have a lot of products to include in the post and it could last for almost a month until I post what I purchased.

Also, I have also recently put myself on a "no spending unless absolutely urgent spending ban" to save some money as I have a spent a little too much in the last two weeks.
But don't worry! I may still be able to purchase the odd product or so if I want/need it which will also be added to my haul post:)

Thanks for reading and I will post again soon:)


  1. You're doing awesome!!

    xo, Jersey Girl

    1. thankyouu:) would you like to follow each other's blogs?:) xx

  2. Oh lord, I would absolutely fail with a ban... I sorta need it though :|

    1. haha:) i wanted to do an offer i have for boots for when you spend over £20, i can afford it but i dont want to haha:)

      i can tell already this ban wont last long! xx

  3. Hi Molly!! I love the Simple range :)

    I'm now following your blog, which is fantastic!!


    1. thankyouu so much Priya!:) ive already broken my spending ban:/ it lasted 3 days haha:) im going shopping next week too:S

      thanks for the follow:) xx


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