Saturday, 11 August 2012

My Bedroom Wishlist!

Hello everyone!

Today's post is quite late in the day (sorry!) but today I thought I would write a wishlist post for my bedroom!

I have been planning to redecorate my bedroom for roughly at least a year but I gave up and after watching the ITV1 programme '60 Minute Makeover' for the last 3 days I decided to look around for stuff.
If you haven't seen the programme before, basically people get a makeover for 3-4 rooms for either a friend or relative in their house as a way to say thank you, and yes they do finish the makeover in 60 minutes!!

I have had my bedroom the same for just over 5 years and I don't like it very much anymore! It's plain, too young and basically, boring! I was about 11 years old when I moved into my new bedroom (my sister's old room) after we had our loft conversion and I turned 16 in June so I want to make it nicer:)
I have decided to do a vintage/floral theme and will have accessories matching the colours of the wallpaper; black, white and pink. Anyway enough of me rambling, here is my wishlist!
Left to right from top-left;
Row1-Single cream/black duvet cover | Vintage bedside chest | Pink rose canvas | Pink flower canvas | Vintage cream clock
Row2-Black diamanté clock | Vintage floral curtain hold-backs | Vintage floral curtain pole | Black floral cushion | Black sequin cushion
Row3-Pink cushion | Black lace cushion | Vintage dressing table mirror | Black floral lamp | Black floral lampshade
Row4-Floral edged photo frame | Fluffy black rug | Vintage dressing table stool | Black bed throw | Triple floral canvas set
Row5-Vintage photo frame | Vintage rose canvas | Vintage wall mirror | Black floral plaques | Pink floral wallpaper
Left to right from top-left;
Row1-Vintage photo frame | Cream/black floral canvas | Black diamant√© cushion
Row2-Black lace cushion | Vintage floral cushion | Oval mirror
Row3-Black diamanté bed throw | Pink poppie wallpaper

I have made the images as big as I can but some products still can't be viewed properly.
Obviously I won't have everything on this list in my bedroom as these are mainly ideas!
I am keeping my furniture, curtains and my bed but I am possibly painting my chests of drawers and desk white to match the stool and bedside table:)

If you would like any links for any of these products, be very welcome to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you the link!

I am unsure when I will start decorating as I need to save up and the first thing I will do is to either place the wallpaper on the wall or fit a new carpet (mine is 15years old!)

I will post updates during the process of decorating my room as soon as I start and will lastly write a post with before and after images.
I am really excited and thank you very much for reading!


  1. I love the clock & the cushions! I made my mum a photo frame with cut outs from the cath kidston paterns (from her catalog thing) and it turned out amazingly, super cheap too. I think it would look great with this decor!
    (here's the patterns,mod%3D9&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=IcYqULXzLuT80QWLp4CoCw&biw=1440&bih=697&sei=I8YqUNeFK-SA0AWf1oGQAw ) xx

  2. Wow! I loved your room decoration! The above all pieces are so beautiful particularly the mirrors. God bless you and may you have great bliss with your new moments.


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