Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Empties #1 | Products I've Used Up

Hello everyone!

So today I am going to do an empties post! I have been collecting products for a while and I don't think I will use anything up very soon so I thought I would post this today!
All my empties!
I have 8 empty products and I will give a small review of each product!

First up is;

This is the e.l.f. Studio Daily Brush Cleaner. I haven't been using this very much recently as I prefer to clean my makeup brushes with soap but I have finally finished it!
I have another full 250ml bottle which I am unsure if I will use it or not.
This is a very good spray cleaner for in-between uses. Read my full review here.
*This currently retails at £3.75 for 60ml*

This is the Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash. I finished this in the middle of July and this was the second bottle I owned as it lasted for a very long time.
This was a good cleanser but I won't repurchase it as I much prefer my LUSH Ultrabland Cleanser.
*This retails at £7.99 for 150ml - Prices may vary*

Next is;

This is the Batiste Dry Shampoo - Clean & Classic Original. This is the 200ml bottle as my mum got it on an offer a long time ago. This has lasted me ages and recently I haven't been using it as much as I did before.
I will definitely repurchase these dry shampoo products!
*This retails £2.99 for 200ml - Prices may vary*

 These are the Wilkinson Skin Therapy 3 in 1 Fragranced Facial Wipes. I have purchased a countless number of packets of these makeup wipes! They are really good but I no longer use these to remove my makeup.
I may repurchase these to take with me in my bag incase I want to swatch anything in a store.
Read my review of these wipes here.
*These retail at 57p for 25 wipes but are often on a 2 for £1 deal*

This is the Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Toner. I think I have had 2 of these bottles but I recently stopped using it after I realised it contained alcohol and I could tell that it wasn't doing anything good for my skin.
I won't repurchase this product because of the alcohol that it contains.
*This retails at £1.42 for 150ml*

This is the Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser. I have had this tube for ages and I only recently ran out.
This moisturiser is really good and I have already repurchased this and will continue to for a very long time!
Read my review here.
 *This retails at £4.99 for 75ml*

 This is the Barry M 3 in 1 Basecoat, Topcoat & Nail Hardener. This is a really good an inexpensive product!
I have a little of this product left but it is very gloopy and unusable which is unfortunate.
I have repurchased this and unless I find an alternative that doesn't go gloopy then I will continue too.
*This retails at £2.99 for 10ml*

 The last product is;

 This is the Sainsbury's Cosmetic Cotton Wool Pads X100. I have purchased these many times and I have again recently. These last ages even though I use a minimum of 3 every night and about 5 for the days I wear makeup.
I will definitely continue to repurchase these!
 *These retail at roughly £1.10 for 100 cotton pads*

Thanks for reading and make sure you check out my Updated Skincare Routine to see what products I have replaced the makeup wipes, cleanser and toner for!

Leave a comment if you have any recommendations for the Friday Favourites this week! Check out my Post Finder to see which favourites I have already done :)


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