Friday, 3 August 2012

Friday Favourites - Nail Polish!

Hi everyone:)

So I’m back with another Friday favourites and today it will be on nail polishJ
In total I have roughly 40 nail polishes and I have chosen 7 to include in this post.
First are the Barry M Nail Paints.
All 3 of the Barry M Nail Paints I chose are pastel shades.
1 – 304 Mint green
I really love this shade as it is a nice green shade with a slight aqua-blue tint to it. This looks really when applied to the nails but it can be quite sheer on the first coat, more than some of my other Barry M polishes.
2 – 318 Peach melba
I have been wanting this shade for such a long time and I finally purchased it sometime last month. This is a lovely peachy-pink shade which looks really nice when paired with white in a designJ
This is more opaque on the first coat than Mint green.

3 – 308 Berry ice cream
This shade is a really nice pastel-lilac colour but has a slightly darker purple tint to it. I paired this with the Mint green colour to make a design which I really like and currently have on my nailsJ this is really nice and looks great with other pastel shade as well as turquoise and teal.
[All of these cost £2.99 for 10ml]
My design featuring 308 and 304 by Barry M
Next I have a nail polish by Models Own.
This shade is called NP015 Fuzzy peach and is a great balance between orange and peach. This works great as a colour for a sunset and I used it in the 2 designs below. This is a really opaque polish and looks lovely for many designs.
[This retails at £5 for 14ml]
I used the Models Own polish for the orange in the middle of the sunset for both designs
Next I have an e.l.f. nail polish.
This shade is called red velvet and it is my newest e.l.f. nail polish. I am a really big fan of the mint cream polish they sell which I have 2 bottles of but I thought I would include this insteadJ
This is a lovely metallic-pearlescent-shimmery red shade and is a great balance between the three. This can look quite classy and looks really lovely with a metallic silver polish.
[This retails at £2.50 for 10ml]
Lastly, I have 2 Rimmel nail polishes.
1 - I <3 Lasting Finish Fruities - 025 Strawberry Fizz.
This is one of the newest nail polishes I have purchased and it is a lovely bubblegum-neon pink shade.
I have swatched this on one of my nail art wheels and it really does smell fruity! I'm really happy with this colour and I look forward to creating a design with it:)

2 - I <3 Lasting Finish - 198 Azure
This is also one of my newest nail polishes and this is a really nice pearlescent blue shade and it looks a little metallic under the light but mainly pearlescent. I am hoping to create a design using this and the pink Rimmel nail polish:)
[These both retail at £2.99 for 8ml]

Thanks for reading my Friday favourites and be welcome to leave a comment below if there are any swatches you would like to see or an updated nail polish collection:)

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Thanks again for reading:)


  1. Those nail polishes are great. I love the colours! :)
    The "peach melba" one by Barry M is also a part of my collection. I love this colour so much and I'm so happy that I bought it when I was in London.

    Your nail designs are great as well.


    1. thankyouu:) i'm so happy i purchased peach melba, its such a gorgeous shade! and thanks:D i'm hoping to upload some more designs soon:D xx


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