Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday Favourites - Cleansers!

Hello everyone!
So it's Fridaayyyy and I'm back with another Friday favourites post for you today:)
I have decided to do it on facial cleansers this week and I have 2 cleansers to talk about!

First is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash.

I purchased this to use as a makeup remover instead of a facial cleanser after reading and watching some reviews.
I really like this as it gets rid of the majority of my makeup whilst caring for and cleansing my skin.
This is the first bottle I have purchased of this product and when I finished both this bottle and my backup, I will definitely continue to repurchase this and I can tell it is definitely going to be a staple in my skincare routine!
Another reason why I purchased this was because I was spending so much money on makeup remover wipes! I felt like I was wiping the makeup off and then back on my face.

This is really good as a makeup remover but I don't think it would be good enough on its own as an everyday facial cleanser.
*This is £4.94 for 200ml of product*

The other product is the LUSH Ultrabland Facial Cleanser.

I purchased this cleanser after my Garnier Exfo-Brusher wash wasn't cleansing my skin as much as I hoped. I read a lot of reviews before deciding to purchase this but when I did I purchased the small pot just incase I didn't like it.
This cleanser is AMAZING! It's as if this has been sent from heaven!
I love this cleanser and it is definitely better than my old Garnier one. I purchased this on the 20th July and I only have a slight dent in the product.
This has really helped to reduce the redness that I had on my face and it has also made my skin a lot clearer than I expected!
When I first tried this product, I was a bit worried that as it is an oily product it would make my normal to combination skin too oily but it really doesn't!

I will definitely continue to repurchase this but I can tell it is going to last a very long time!
*This is either £6.75 for 45g or £10.75 for 100g*

Thanks for reading this weeks Friday favourites and I hoped you liked it:)
Be very welcome to leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding either of these products or if you have any requests for next week's post:)


  1. I love reading about cleansers as that's one thing I'm really bad at. I need to get way better at taking care of my skin! D:

    1. haha:) you should definitely give the lush cleanser a go:) xx

    2. I'm considering it! The shipping is quite expensive though since I don't have a store close to me :(

    3. I know:( I had to go to Cambridge to get it but it was worth it!:) xx

  2. I love Lush products! I have not yet tried the products for the this was interesting. I have combination skin and very easily sway towards the greasy side with the wrong products.

    I found you on BLT blog hop. Now following. :)

    1. you really should! i have combination skin and my nose gets very oily but this is starting to improve that side too:) and thankyouu! xx


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