Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Very Very Small e.l.f. Haul:)

Today I have a very very small e.l.f. haul for you:) e.l.f. were running a promotion for 50% off their Studio Matte Lip Colors so I decided to place an order.
My products:)
I ordered these products on Thrsday morning and I recieved an email on Thursday afternoon telling me they had been dispatched!
Anyway onto the haul:)
Studio Daily Brush Cleaner
This first product I ordered was the Daily Brush Cleaner from the Studio line. This was the third time I have purchased this product and I think this will be the product I purchase the most from e.l.f. :)
Studio Matte Lip Color
Next I ordered two of the Matte Lip Colors also from the Studio line. I would like to say a quick thank you to everyone who helped me decide with shades to purchase:)

Left to Right - Natural and Coral (I think so, sorry!)
I purchased Coral and Natural, I really hope this look okay!:)

All three of these products retail at £3.50, I paid the £3.50 for the Daily Brush Cleaner and £1.75 each for the Matte Lip Colors because of their promotion:)
In total I recieved these products for £9.95 including delivery:)

*Disclaimer* - I purchased all of these products will my own money, I have no affiliation with this company.

Reviews coming for this and other products soon:) Don't forget to vote in the poll------->



  1. hey :) I need a little bit of help, please check my latest post for details :) I would be very grateful if you could help me xx

    1. I have looked and I will post about your giveaway soon today:) xx

    2. You're welcome:) don't forget to vote in the poll! I only have 1 vote so far and three days left:(Xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank youu:) I didn't realise but i have more lip products from elf than i do anything else but i don't wear lip products much haha:) better try some soon!x


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