Sunday, 27 May 2012

My Current e.l.f. Collection!:)

Hello guys!Just a quick post for today and this will be for my e.l.f. collection:)

I actually only found out about e.l.f. Cosmetics last year, I think it was about November:) Thanks to my friend Shannon who told me about e.l.f.!

Anyway onto my collection....
Yes theres a lot! Five things have been left out as I am selling them or Give them away in a giveaway:) I don't have a seperate picture so the bag is the Train Case in Burgundy:)
Face Products:)
Left to right;
Studio Shimmer Sheets - Pink **
Mineral Booster - Small Shimmer **
Mineral Booster - Large Sheer
Studio High Definition Powder
Studio Flawless Finish Foundation - Porcelain
Studio Blush - Tickled Pink
Studio Complexion Perfection
Studio Concealer - Ivory
Left to right;
Studio Small Brush Holder (My camera didn't pick up the writing but if you don't have one it says 'eyes lips face' on the front)
2 Studio Daily Brush Cleaner (One backup) (Review here)
Essentials Blending Wedges
Top to bottom;
Studio Kabuki Face Brush (Bird's eye view)
2 Essentials Foundation Brushes
Studio Powder Brush (Review here)
Studio Complexion Brush
Studio Blush Brush (Review here)
Studio Stipple Brush (Review here)
Studio Angled Contour Brush
Mineral Bamboo Contour Brush*
Studio Concealer Brush (Review here)
Nail Polish
Left to right; (Review of nail polish here)
Metal Madness*
2 Mint Cream - 1 of them**
Golden Goddess
Top to bottom;
Mineral Eye Brightener**
Studio Cream Eyeliner - Black
Essentials Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil - Black*
Essentials Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil - Twinkle Teal*
Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette - Cool*
This may take a while haha:)
Left - Top to bottom;
Mineral Lipstick - Nicely Nude**
Mineral Lipstick - Party Pink
Mineral Lip Gloss - Trendsetter
Mineral Lip Gloss - Fierce
Studio Lip Lock Pencil (Review here)
Studio Matte Lip Color - Coral
Studio Matte Lip Color - Natural
Studio Pout Perfector
Essentials Luscious Liquid Lipstick - Raspberry
Essentials Luscious Liquid Lipstick - Strawberry**
Essentials Luscious Liquid Lipstick - Pink Lemonade

Right - Left to right;
Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 - Peaceful Pink**
Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint SPF 8 - Blush**
Essentials Lipstick - Charming
Essentials Lipstick - Seductive

* - Mystery bag products:)
** - Products I won:)

So that's my current e.l.f. collection and it is growing very fast:)

Please comment below if you have any questions or if there are any products you would like me to review:)
Don't forget to vote in the poll!:)

See you later:)


  1. you're going to think I'm a right stalker the number of times I comment on your blog:\ but do you know what the difference is between your brush cleaner and the other e.l.f one?

    1. they have the brush shampoo which i havent tried sorry:( i ruined my paintbrushes because i didnt get the soap out so i would probably ruin my makeup brushes with the shampoo haha:) the spray cleaner that i have is reaaaly good:)

      hope this helps! or ask me more at school tomorrow:)

  2. ok thank you:) i just use shampoo at the moment but since e.l.f is so cheap i might as well get a proper brush cleaner

    1. you really should its really good and only £3.50 for 250ml:)

    2. Sorry for butting into this convo ^_^ hun just use baby shampoo! Its cheaper and if your finding any waterproof makeups not coming off your brushes then swirle it in some olive oil on a napkin =] the best and cheapest way to deep clean your brushes. And if your brushes are hard then pop some conitioner on it =]

    3. Don't worry! I didn't know you could use that:) Vic if you dont want to pay the £3.50 and the £2.95 postage, try that method first:)

    4. On a lot of youtube videos I saw that people are cleaning brushes with dishes soap( I think it is cold ??) and olive oil so I tried and it works great :D It is cleaning really well :D

    5. I used the dishwashing soap but found it left them kinda greezy feeling ^_^ anotheer thing i love to use for washing my brushes is a lush shampoo bar, since it dont have any of the salfates ect it leaves them beauitfuly clean =D

    6. I would try those methods but i ruined paintbrushes with soap, i really don't to ruin all of my elf brushes haha:)

  3. How did you ruin painbrushes with soap O.O im asuming you were using some sort of oil based and it reacted or something? E.l.f brushes are synthetic should have no problems cleaning them with soap

    1. Haha:) no the soap just got stuck in some of the bristles:P


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