Monday, 28 May 2012

*Increase in e.l.f. Cosmetics Prices*

Hi guys!
This will be a very quick post for you today.
I was on Facebook and checking the e.l.f. page when I saw a post saying that they have had to increase some of their prices.

Now, to be honest, these aren't very dramatic changes and surely you would rather pay a little more for products by a company that you love than see it close altogether!:)

As far as I am currently aware, the changes are as follows;

The essentials eyes, lips and face and the all but two nail products have stayed at £1.50.
The essentials french manicure sets have been raised by either 50p or £1, to £5 (I am unsure what they were originally:))
The essentials nail polish have been raised by £1 to £2.50 - They are fantastic quality so £2.50 is still amazing!:)

The mineral line has had the most dramatic of changes;
As far as I know, all the eye products have stayed at the same prices.
The mineral lipsticks have increased from £3.50 to £5 - this was probably the saddest I felt but there's only three more I want to try and my birthday is next month so I should get some money then:)
The mineral lip gloss have increased by 50p - quite reasonable:)
The mineral boosters - 'small' is £5 instead of £3.50 and 'large' is now £7 instead of £5 - these are amazing quality!

I have been told that the 'majority' of the studio products have been raised by 25p but I think all of the studio products have:)

Anyway, if you have seen any other price changes that I haven't noticed, please comment below to let other people aware of them:)

I hope you aren't too upset and I will definitely continue to purchase their products:)

That's all for now bye!:)


  1. Atleast their still The cheapest and best makeup brand I know!! Thankyou for telling me about the price increases :) your reviews are really helpful!! Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Thankyouu:) I will try to post some more reviews to help you even more!:)

  2. Hi i just wanted to say they are not the cheapest brand, MUA Makeup Academy by Superdrug are £1

    1. I know they aren't the cheapest brand and I am trying to find some products by MUA to try. I love e.l.f. no matter if the prices are higher than some:)


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