Wednesday, 16 May 2012

e.l.f. Haul!:)

Hey! I finally have my e.l.f. order as I had to collect it from the post office today:) I'm not sure if 7 items is counted as a haul but oh well:) Over the weekend e.l.f. had a promotion for £5 all orders with a minimum value of £20. I really needed to order and I could just about afford the £15 with discount with some money still left haha:)

My products still in the packaging:)
What I had really wanted to order was the Studio Complexion Perfection and the Essentials Soothing Lip Balm and seeing as I needed £20 worth I ordered 2 new brushes to use the Complexion Perfection with and I ordered 3 more lip products. First impressions;
I have to say that in the packaging the lip balm did look quite small but its actually bigger in height than normal lip balms from a drugstore.

Essentials Soothing Lip Balm out of packaging
I got this in Blackberry Créme as it had the best reviews out of the 4 flavours that are available. So far I love this packaging and I have already tried the product and so far I LOVE THIS! This is so smooth and soothing that this is better than every other lip balm I have tried.

Next I got the Essentials Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Pink Lemonade. I like the colour in the packaging and I hope it looks nice on. I have three of these now and I really like them.
I got 2 products from the Mineral line and both were lip products. The first was the Mineral Lipstick and I got this in the shade Party Pink. This is a bit darker than it looks on the website but I think it might look okay:) I already have a Mineral Lipstick in Nicely Nude and I really liked it.

Again, I already have a Mineral Lip gloss and I liked the texture but I wasn't so overkeen on the colour so I decided to get another in the colour Fierce. This is a corally-peach colour but I'm not sure if it's going to look right or not... You can look at Jellynat's blog (here) for Mineral Lip Gloss swatches:)

Ahh my long wanted e.l.f. product! I really need something to even out my skintone whether its makeup for just during the day or a moisturiser to even out my skintone permanently. I'll be trying this out tomorrow morning and I really can't wait! I love the look of the packaging and it has been named as a 'dupe' packaging for Nars Cosmetics.
I purchased this brush plainly to use it for the Complexion Perfection. This is roughly 3 times the size as the Studio Blush Brush and this is unbelivably soft, it feels like silk! Really can't wait to use this and I hope it lives up to the hype that it has been given!

This was also a purchase to use it for the Complexion Perfection under my eyes. This is also really soft and I think it is just the right size to use around the eye area and definitely not rough that it will hurt!

So that's my haul for now:) I will try out the products as soon as I can so I can write a review for these products! Please leave a comment below if there is a product you would like a review of first and please follow my blog, I would really appreciate it!

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