Monday, 25 June 2012

What I Got For My Birthday:D

Hi guys!:)

This will be a small post today but I might post a reviw later on:)
So as the title suggests^^^ this is going to be a post about what I got for my birthday last week on Tuesday:)

On my birthday I met up with my friend Shannon but I got my present from her and my other best friend on the Saturday just gone which was my party:)

I didn't get a massive amount of presents for my birthday as I mainly was given money because I sent my birthday list out to my family too late but I'm still happy:)

This definitely ISN'T a post where I am bragging and I am very thankful to everyone for what I got for my birthday:) If you think that you are just going to think something negative or you don't like seeing people write about what they got for their birthday, please don't continue reading this!:)

First from my Aunt and Uncle (mum's brother and wife) I was given money:)
I got given £16 as it was my 16th birthday:)

Next from my mum's other brother I was also given money:)
He gave me £15 which aswell as the £16 I was very appreciative for:)
From my Nan and Grandad:) (My mum's parents)
They gave me £35 :O I was very surprised as it was incredibly generous! I couldn't thank them enough for this!:)
My friend Bridie (who I have known for about 15years now :o ) gave me;
Morgan Toiletries Set:)
What was inside the bag:)
The set included the bag and three 100ml bottles which are the following;

 They are all 'freshsweetpea' bottles and they all smell very nice:) However I haven't tested any of these yet:)
The first bottle was some Body Lotion:)

The second bottle was some Shower Gel:)

The last bottle was some Body Scrub:)

Next, one of my best friends, Shannon, gave me £15 because she wasn't sure what to get me and this way I could get what I wanted:)

From my other best friend Gemma, I got;

 Ahh Giant Buttons NOM! I have actually almost finished these hehe:)

She also gave me;
Ted Baker Gift Set:)
 This included some of the Ted Baker Origami products which were; - Body SoufflĂ© 50ml
- Bath Foam 50ml
- Body Spray 50ml (I already have one of these and I really like it)
- Body Wash 50ml
I was really happy with these too:)

From my Mum and my Stepdad I got;
Remington Curlers:)
This is the Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand Ci95.
I asked for these as I had my hair curled for my Year 11 Celebration Evening and I really liked it:) These were the curlers that were used:)

Silvery-copper case:)
 It also comes with a heat-protective glove to prevent your hand from getting burnt. The curlers are black with white flowers and white writing for the brand name. They have a little stand attached so you can stand them up:)
They also gave me;
 This is the Laura Ashley Multi-Drawer Unit which I featured in my last post. This is to keep all of my make-up. I may purchase another of these as it was only £16.99:)
Lastly they gave me £40 aswell:)

From my Dad I got given £20:)
From my Sister and her boyfriend I got;
This is a book by Carrie Jones and it is called 'Endure'. This is the fourth book from her current series. I really like this series and I am currently reading the third. I really recommend these books! I don't often read books but this is definitely a must-read series.
They also gave me a £10 gift card for the shops written on the front:) I think I will use this in either Topshop or Miss Selfridge:)

Lastly, I got £20 from cards I recieved in the post:)

Again, this is definitely not a post where I am bragging! I know that I recieved a lot of money for my birthday this year as I only recieved a few presents:)

I hope you liked this post and leave a comment if you would like:)
Again, I know I have been saying this a lot recently but please check out my Beauty Question and Answer post, I have had a lot of views on the post but I only have two questions. I really need some more before I can write the answers post:)
Thanks again!

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