Sunday, 3 June 2012

Tips and Recommended Products Anyone?:)

I really want to try out using eyeshadow, I have tried before and I'm not very good...
I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me?:/
If anyone had any tips for filming videos I would be grateful! I have been asked if I will be doing any tutorials or video reviews but I am a very shy and I suffer from self-confidence so I feel very awkward in front of the camera...

Also I really need some recommended elf products - shades aswell as names please:)

Don't forget to look at my last post to vote for the banner you think I should upload to my blog and vote in the poll on the right hand side for the foundation you think I should get:) I know I posted a poll with the same question not long ago and I am really happy with the L'oreal foundation I purchased but I really want to have 2 so I can switch between them:)

Thank you to everyone and thank you for all the help you can give me I really appreciate it:)


  1. Try getting MUA shadows rather than e.l.f, whilst they are cheaper, you get more for your money with mua wether pallets or singles.
    Get one simuler to your skin colour as this will be usefull for blending

    1. Thankyouu:) I really want the MUA Heaven and Earth palette:)

  2. I know one thing that has really helped me find out what I like is buying shadows like e.l.f. to see what colors really suit me. Now that I know, I've been buying MAC eyeshadows one at a time, which is a lot more affordable than buying a whole palette full. I've noticed that MAC is a lot more pigmented and easier to blend, which is why I've invested in shades that I use everyday! :)

    1. Thank you Monica:) I have one palette from elf which i recieved in a mystery bag but im not massively happy with the colour payoff:( I'm looking into getting some MUA, NYX and Sleek eyeshadows :)

  3. Molly, I love Urban decay palettes and also the Styla In the light palette. The good think about paletes is that they already show give you good combiantions to use, which makes your job easier specially when you are starting off.
    In my opinion the key to a good eye shadow application is the brushes, as if they are really good they will do the job by themselves. See this review, and maybe think about investing in these two brushes, they are beyond good...

    1. Thank youu so much!! I have 4-5 eyeshadow palettes i want to purchase and i have just ordered a blending eye brush from elf:) i want the BCC bruah set but its a tad too expensive:( thanks again:)


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