Sunday, 24 June 2012

e.l.f. Haul and First Impressions:D

Hello guys!

First, sorry I haven't been posting recently, I have been busy with events for my birthday:) I also had a very small e.l.f. haul but I returned 3 out of the 5 products so I didn't post it:) Also, I thought I'd try a different typing format, I hope you like it!:)

So, about 5-6 days ago e.l.f. reached 500k likes on their Facebook page so they ran a 35% off everything 2 day sale:)

You had to have a minimum of £20 before the discount was added, some of my wishlist was out of stock and I wasn't sure what to order so I asked one of my friends and my mum:)
Also, this post is titled with first impressions on the end but they will only be for the products that I purchased for myself:)
We split the delivery and I placed the order.

This is everything we ordered;
All of our products:)
We ordered a total of 12 items between us which added to £26.39 with the discount and including delivery, we each paid 98p delivery:)

My friend Shannon ordered;
She ordered 4 items:)
- Studio Retractable Lip Brush - Usually retails for £3.75 (She paid £2.44)
- Essentials Eyelid Primer - Usually retails for £1.50 (She paid £0.98)
- Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush - Again this usually retails for £3.75 (She paid £2.44)
- Mineral Lipstick - Runway Pink - Usually retails for £5.00 (She paid £3.25)

My mum ordered a few items too, she isn't really a make-up person but she ordered anyway:)
She ordered 3 items:)
- Studio Warm Bronzer - Usually retails for £3.75 (She paid £2.44)
- Essentials Nail Polish - Coral - Usually retails for £2.50 (She paid £1.63)
- Essentials Luscious Liquid Lipstick - Brownie Points - Usually retails for £1.50 (She paid £0.98)

Finally I ordered;
My 5 items:)

- Essential Eyeshadow Brush - Usually retails for £1.50 (I paid £0.98)
I haven't used this brush yet but I ordered it so I can use it with my new MUA Heaven and Earth Palette that I purchased while shopping on my birthday:) It isn't as soft as the Studio line brushes but it is suprisingly soft especially as I only paid 98p! I haven't tried this out yet:)

- Essential Nail Polish - Dark Navy - Usually retails for £2.50 (I paid £1.63)
This looks like a sparkly/shimmery navy blue colour as the name suggests! I purchased this for my prom next week as my dress is also navy blue, I really like this colour so far but I haven't tested or swatched this:)

- Mineral Lipstick - Pouty Petal - Usually retails for £5.00 (I paid £3.25)
I'm not sure about this colour yet, I haven't tested it but I think it will be nice:) It looks like it might be a little dark but hopefully it will be lighter when applied to the lips:)

- Studio Retractable Lip Brush - Usually retails for £3.75 (I paid £2.44)
I have only tried this briefly and not all over the lips, I think this will be very good to pop into your bag when you're on the go:) So far I think this is a really good brush and I'm glad I purchased it:)
- Essentials Eyelid Primer - Usually retails for £1.50 (I paid £0.98)
Again I purchased this to use with my MUA Heaven and Earth Palette:) I haven't tried this yet but I really love the packaging:)

I do wish that I purchased some more because it was a very good promotion! I think I'll be placing some more orders soon with my birthday money:)

I ordered everything on Wednesday 20th, it was dispatched on Friday 22nd and I recieved it yesterday (Saturday 23rd)
I think for the amount of orders because of the discount, that this was very good!
I'll test everything that I ordered and review them at some point as I have 2 and a half months until
I'm back to school:) I will also swatch the nail polish and lipstick:)
Please keep following my blog, I will really appreciate it! Leave a comment below if you would you like and please also check out my 'Beauty Question and Answer' post HERE. I have had a lot of views but only 2 questions, I need a lot more before I can write the answers post:)
Hope you liked this!

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