Friday, 6 April 2012

e.l.f. Studio Concealer Brush

Brush in packaging
Now starting to get used to reviewing products:) This review is for the e.l.f. Studio Concealer Brush.
I purchased this brush after reading multiple reviews online. I decided to purchase this product as many people had said this helps to work with your concealer to give you more coverage than just using your fingers to blend your concealer.

This brush has very very soft bristles, it is quite hard to believe how soft they are for the price!

e.l.f. says;
"Creates even and full coverage."
"Applies and blends concealer smoothly and evenly to eyes, face, and blemishes."

Front view - I need to clean this a little:)
I do agree with e.l.f. with the 'applies evenly' claim, however I don't think this creates a full coverage. This is a good brush, however, I think this is best for blemishes and a little too small for the eye area.

This brush does get a lot of concealer in the middle and even after cleaning there is still some in the middle of the bristles.
This product retails at £3.50.
Packaging - 10/10 - although this is the same packaging as all the other Studio brushes, I feel that it is better for this brush as it is already flat and is not ruined whilst inside the packaging.
Product - 8/10
Price - 8.5/10
Would I recommend this? - Yes
Would I repurchase this? - Yes but only to use on blemishes

*Disclaimer* - I purchased this product with my own money and I have no connection with the company. These are my honest opinions and I am not paid to do this review.
I also interested in trying the EcoTools Bamboo Deluxe Concealer Brush (£5.49) and the No7 Concealer Brush (£8.00.) Has anyone tried either of these? If so, which should I purchase?:)


  1. I have the eco tools and the elf brush. The eco tools just seems like a bigger version of the elf one and its still pretty stiff. I've bought the elf angled contour brush from the studio line and I love it for applying concealer. Try it!

    1. I have the elf angled contour brush but i use it for seperate colours from the complexion perfection:) I have a different brush that I recently won that I now use for concealer:)


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