Thursday, 5 April 2012

Boots Vitamin E Moisture Lotion

Time for my first review:) any tips for future reviews are appreciated!:)

This review is for the Boots Vitamin E Moisture Lotion. This lotion has SPF 15 and is suitable for all skin types. Boots claim on the front of the bottle;

'Light and easily absorbed daily moisturisation with antioxidant protection. With long lasting moisturisation.'

I agree with what Boots are claiming for this lotion. I use this lotion as a base for my makeup after being advised by someone at the Boots beauty counter. She told me that this would be good as my foundation had dried out my skin.

Short description on the back of the product;

This product definitely increases the length of time my makeup stays on. I have brought a back up of this already because its so good. This product is a 100ml bottle and lasts a very long time (depending on how often you use this).

This lotion is available in all Boots stores and retails for £2.85 and currently part of a '2 for £4' offer on Boots Vitamin E products.

Packaging - 8/10
Price - 10/10
Product - 9/10
Would recommend this? - Yes
Repurchase? Yes

*Disclaimer* - I purchased this product with my own money and I have no connection with the company. These are my honest opinions and I am not paid to do this review.
I hope this review has been helpful:)
Another review coming soon,


  1. This review is very helpful, I might need to consider it next time I need a new moisturiser!

  2. Thank you 'Panda Bear Eyes':)x


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