Friday, 11 April 2014

Laura Mercier Body Crème Soufflé


Being 100% honest, Laura Mercier isn't really a brand I have been too interested in trying. I had heard about their Silk Creme Foundation but it wasn't something that reached out to me to try. December/January time 2012, I heard about their Body Crème Soufflé Sampler box that was part of their Christmas collection but was too late to get hold of one and spent a while searching online for reviews from which people were saying they were some of the best body moisturisers they had tried! Last year I remembered about the set and was waiting for them to go in the sale only for them to sell out online instantly. Although, to my luck whilst going with some of my family to take my sister back to uni, Bentalls had maybe at least 300 boxes of these body crèmes!

All four scents smell incredible and as you would expect, are nothing like scents you would find in a body moisturiser on the high street in Boots or Superdrug. The scents are; Almond Coconut Milk, Ambre Vanillé, Crème Brulée and Fresh Fig. When I smelt the scents in store, Ambre Vanillé was my favourite but I was disappointed when I used it and the scent changed completely and smelt nothing like it did in the pot. Fresh fig is without a doubt my favourite scent from the set and is the body lotion that I reach for the most to thankfully smells the same in the pot and when you're using it!

They all sink into the skin in a reasonable amount of time but isn't so quick that you can get dressed about 5 seconds after. They moisturise really well and keep your skin really soft so no need to worry if you once in a while forget to moisturise (let's face it we've all done it!) and for me, it happens quite often! They don't have a really thick consistency that means it is impossible to moisturise it all in but again it isn't so thin that you have to use multiple amounts of product than you would usually need. The consistency and the whipped formula means that you really don't need much product at all so they are going to last you a while!

In a full size pot of the body crème soufflés, you get 300g of product for £44.50 and in this set you get 4 100g pots for approximately £40 full price depending where you buy it from and if you find it in the sale for about £20 you're getting an even better deal! You aldo get to try out different scents and they are much easier to travel with because of both the smaller size pot and the plastic packaging as opposed to the glass pot you get for the full size product :)

Have you tried any of the Laura Mericer Body Crème Soufflés?
What is your favourite body moisturiser?


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