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Window Shopping New Season Collections

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I have quite a different post for you today. Apart from my 10 Favourite Things in My Wardrobe post last year and from items being mentioned in hauls, I don't tend to find anything based solely on fashion to write about. Over the last month, I have been looking through the newest styles on multiple fashion websites to give you all an idea of what is new in the shops at the moment (which hasn't done too well for my bank account!)

Everything I have included is/has been included in the 'New in' sections on these websites over the last month. I have chosen a selection of both different styles and fashion items that may not necessarily be my favourite but you may absolutely love! Some items may also have different colours available so be sure to check the links. I have also included the retail prices instead of any current offer prices.

Whilst looking at all of the shops/websites I am going to mention, I noticed that khaki colours, utility/military styles and macs/duster coats were some of the most popular styles available and I have included some of these in this post. I can definitely see these styles becoming quite popular throughout the end of Winter and going into Spring. After last summer, skorts also seem to have made a comeback this season!


Over the last couple of years, ASOS has very quickly become one of my favourite and go-to places to look for any new fashion pieces. I have only included items from their own brand to include in this post and the t-shirt is one of my favourite pieces, although it is quite basic it is unlike anything I saw anywhere else while preparing this post. ASOS is excellent for fashion pieces that can be quite different to anything you see in highstreet stores but at times can also be fairly similar.

Coat With Stitch Detail in A-Line £80 LINK
Dress With Bonded Asymmetric Wrap £50 LINK
Jumpsuit With Tie Waist And Long Sleeves £50 LINK
Linen Scallop Hem Skirt £20 LINK
Crinkle Oversize Blouse £30 LINK
Mac With Piping Detail In Midi Length £75 LINK
Mozzer Loafers £25 LINK
T-Shirt With Twist Detail In Neppy £18 LINK

Alongside ASOS, Topshop is one of my go-to fashion stores. I seem to like Topshop even more every year and they always have amazing things to offer. Topshop is the only place I go to that I can be looking for something such as a new top or bag and will always be able to find something that everything fits perfectly no matter what item. Their overall collection of all fashion pieces is amazing and no matter what you're looking for, Topshop will have something for you! The quality is also incredible and never disappoints me.

Crepe A-Line Skirt £45 LINK
D-Ring Playsuit £50 LINK
Flower Pussybow Blouse £38 LINK
Grid Turn-Up Shorts £36 LINK
Longline Jacquard Duster Coat £69 LINK
MOTO Micro Daisy Print Leigh Jeans £40 LINK
Ribbed Funnel Neck Top £14 LINK


Zara can be a bit of a hit or miss for me. I can go into a couple of different stores and find nothing or go into one a month or so later and love half the shop. Recently I have been quite impressed with what they have been offering and I have my eye on quite a few items at the moment. The second bag I have included is also available in black and navy and they all have a bright interior colour which you can turn inside out and carry showing the other colour. There are always stand out pieces for me in Zara and they always seem to be items that are completely unlike anything you would be able to find in places like New Look or Topshop.

Bird Print Shirt £25.99 LINK
Jacquard Pattern Shorts £25.99 LINK
Mini City Bag £29.99 LINK
Mixed Fabric Top £25.99 LINK
Printed Shirt With Tab Sleeves £29.99 LINK
Reversible Contrast Shopper £29.99 LINK
Roll Collar Contrast Piping Printed Shirt £25.99 LINK
Soft Slipper £19.99 LINK


I have only ordered once from Missguided a very long time ago and always forget to look on their website if I want to add something to my wardrobe. After looking, they have some excellent designs and a massive range of items whether you're looking for something to lounge around the house in or to wear for a night out. The prices are very reasonable and if you have the time to look through all the items they have, you will definitely find at least one thing or end up with a full list.

Cable Knit Drop Shoulder Jumper £25 LINK
Henny Blurred Rose Print Boyfriend Shirt £25 LINK
Khloe Premium Waterfall Coat £70 LINK
Lace Tailored Jumpsuit £35 LINK
Lelita Monochrome Check Peplum Cami Top £13 LINK
Malou 50's Style Circle Midi Skirt Dress £25 LINK
Waisted Shirt Dress Khaki £28 LINK


Alongside Zara, Miss Selfridge can also be quite a hit a miss store for me as well. They have some really gorgeous designs in at the moment perfect for this time of year and everything they have fits really well. I have a playsuit from their spring/summer stock last year that is the same shape as the one I have included here and it is really comfortable, lightweight and very easy to move around in. I also like that they always have prints that I haven't seen in any other stores before. If you are looking for smaller sizes, this is the shop for you!

Black Felt Floppy Hat £28 LINK
Blue Wrap Back Vest £20 LINK
Black Floral Shirt £30 LINK
Floral Organza Tee £35 LINK
Petites Ditsy Floral Playsuit £39 LINK
Pleated Skort £30 LINK
Yellow Floral Shorts £30 LINK

Kurt Geiger can often be quite pricey but they also have a lot of items that are very reasonably priced which is why I wanted to include the brand in this post. I recently purchased their Brisa boots and they are really comfortable and I love the gold hardware detail. After looking at many of their bags in store, the quality is incredible and at first glance you would think they are much more expensive.

Annelise Lock Bag £55 LINK
Bernadette High Heel Court Shoes £50 LINK
Brisa Flat Ankle Boots £75 LINK
Dakota Lock Shoulder Bag £75 LINK
Marlow Flat Loafers £55 LINK
Nell Saffiano Tote £180 LINK
Scatter Low Heel Ankle Boots £150 LINK

I hope I have helped you find some new fashion pieces to add to your wardrobe for the end of Winter and heading into the Spring season. What fashion items have you got your eye on at the moment? Will you be adding anything I have included to your wishlist? :)

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