Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Ten Tips To Refresh Your Life

It's such a cliche to say 'new year, new me' at the start of every year but I've realised throughout 2016 that every now and then, you really do need to put your foot down, have a refresh and make some changes for the better.

One - Have a clear out
It's so refreshing to have a massive spring clean of your wardrobe! Stop wearing the same few things over and over again and throw a few things away. Be strict and get rid of anything you're clinging onto just for the sake of it!

Two - Redecorate
Move your furniture around, get some new bedding, paint the walls and change your colour theme. Even adding some fairy lights can make a room more cosey.

Three - Go shopping (obviously)
Have some retail therapy, why not! Go out alone or with some friends, buy some new clothes or that lipstick you've had your eye on for ages. Get some homeware bits to brighten up your room.

Four - Take a step back
If you feel like you're doing too much at once, ask someone for help or simply slow down and do one thing at a time. Don't set yourself a deadline for anything!

Five - Look at who is around you
Think about who you have in your life right now. If they're having a negative impact on you or simply aren't making you feel good about yourself, it might be time to make some distance between you both.

Six - Take care of yourself
We all need to focus on ourselves every now and then. Have a day to yourself, don't rush around doing chores. Make a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, sit down, put your phone on silent and read your favourite book.

Seven - Talk to someone
If you're feeling upset or stressed about anything, find someone you can comfortably talk to about it. Trust me, after sharing what you're worried about with somebody, it honestly feels like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders!

Eight - Change your routine
After a while your day to day routine can get a bit boring and you start to feel like a robot living everyday minute to minute and checking your phone like a newspaper each morning. Get ready in a different order, change up your makeup or have something different for breakfast.

Nine - Have a break (have a kit kat)
Take a few days off work or spend a weekend away from home. Go on a spontaneous trip alone or with your best friend to your favourite place and just forget about everything.

Ten - Distance yourself from social media
I know that this is a lot easier said than done but can be very refreshing. Keep a diary each day instead of updating your Facebook status or posting a tweet; you won't end up constantly checking your phone for replies every 5 minutes.

I hope 2017 treats you all well!

Bye for now xxx

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