Sunday, 24 August 2014

My New Favourite Place | Brighton

Hello everyone!

At the end of last week, me and my mum travelled down to Brighton for a couple of days. We drove down early Thursday morning and spent the rest of the day looking around the town and some of the bigger lanes.

Down one of the lanes we found this shop called Bert's homestore which seemed to have almost everything you could be looking for!

This Is Not A Butchers was a shop I really wanted to find and Sass & Belle was a shop which I didn't know was actually in Brighton but I had seen their website advertised a lot online.

We found another lane that had all of the beauty stores down one end of it with Jo Malone, MAC and Kiehl's and a couple of fashion stores in the opposite direction including Ted Baker. The shopping centre was a little hard to find the first time and is on the same road as New Look, Primark and Topshop.

The beach was beautiful with mini rides and shops and I don't think I've ever seen so many seagulls!

If these pictures of the beach don't make you want to visit Brighton then I don't know what will! After taking pictures of the beach we obviously had to visit the pier.

Be careful walking along the pier if you're holding your phone, the gaps between the planks of wood and big enough for it to fall straight in the sea! Candy floss was also a must whilst walking along the pier.

Obviously we had to go back to pier in the evening after dinner.

The next day we found some a little café called 'Marwood' hiding in the corner although we didn't have time to go in! We also found some more of the lanes with a lot of jewellery and food shops/bakeries.

Choccywoocydoodah is a chocolate shop with a café upstairs although sadly the café was closed when we went there.

The Angel Food Bakery is the cutest little cupcake shop I have seen and I wasn't surprised that the cupcakes were delicious!

We went to go and see the Royal Pavillion on the way to go back to the beach and saw this little homeware store but didn't go inside.

Before going back to the hotel to get the car and go home we had to go back to the beach and look in some of the small souvenir style shops. I decided to dip my feet in the sea but got drenched from the knee down and my shoes almost swept away by the sea!

After I got back I already started planning two more trips to Brighton, one with my mum and another with my best friend. I loved it so much and it is definitely my new favourite place!

Where did you go away to this summer?
Have you ever been to Brighton?



  1. Brighton looks gorgeous, I really want to visit one day!

    1. You really should! It's so worth it :)

  2. I live quite near to Brighton and I love it so much! Lovely photos too xx

    1. I would absolutely love to live down there it's so nice:) and thank you! Xx

  3. Such lovely pictures!!
    I really love the look of Brighton even though i've never been!
    It seems like an amazing place to spend a long weekend in the spring summer time!

    Kerry B Blog

    1. Thank you Kerry! You should definitely take a trip down there it's such a nice place :) x


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