Monday, 3 September 2012

Starting Sixthform | Clothing Haul!

Hello m'lovelies!
I haven't been able to post since Friday because yet again my internet broke!
However, today I am going to write the haul for my sixthform clothing:)
I will write the collective haul I promised you in the next week or so as I want to purchase some things in the next couple of days.
Our dress code is black, navy or grey suits and a shirt or blouse with a collar and a sleeve (believe it or not, it is quick hard to find top with a collar and a sleeve that will be suitable!) I have one top without a sleeve but I just won't take my blazer off haha:)
I apologise in advance as the true colour of the tops isn't shown well in the images and the detailing on the skirts and blazers aren't clear either.
This is the first blazer I have and it was from H&M. It has flowery detailing on the cuffs and the lining.
The sleeves are 3/4 lengths but can be unrolled to be full sleeves.

The other blazer I got is plain black, tailored and has a cream lining with black dots.
This was from New Look.
The first shirt is from Primark and is white with black bows:)
This was only £7!
The other shirt I purchased was from H&M.
It is white with black butterflies and black ribbon to act as a belt.
I purchased one blouse from Next which is cream and has little black 'stags' all over white small black dots and red hearts.
It has a lace bit at the top and a collar over the top:)
I purchased a blouse from Primark aswell white is cream with a black collar. This doesn't have a sleeve so hopefully they won't realise!
The last top I got is also cream with black dots and has a black collar which is shaped like a bow.
This is from Dorothy Perkins.
 Sorry this was a small post and I will try as hard as I can to continue posting often but I will be busy with my a-levels:)
Thanks for reading and if you would like any links to these, please be welcome to ask!


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    1. I will definitely check it out LolaRose! xx


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